So you've what?

First of all, CONGRATS and welcome to the BEST BUSINESS EVER!   So you have joined, and I bet you are wondering, "What the heck do I do now??"

My first, and most important recommendation is...Don't get overwhelmed!  I have a step-by-step guide to help you make your way through all the information that is now at your fingertips!  Yes, every question you may have has been asked and answered before.  Even before I became an Independent Paparazzi Consultant, I was learning about the business by watching other consultants do their Facebook live shows, and many of the instructional videos I found on YouTube.  I will warn you though, there are some consultants out there who are sharing misinformation that could get you in trouble.  This leads me to my first point...

1.Read your Policies and Procedures that have been provided to us by Paparazzi Compliance.  Remember that document you had to check the little box that said "I agree" when you were registering online and purchasing your kit?  Yeah, me neither.  Turns out this document (while a little lengthy) is pretty important.  Consider them your "Rules to Live By' as a consultant.  So, go read them, and read them again.  Become familiar with what they say, then you will feel more comfortable when you watch those training videos made by other consultants.

2. Check  out your Paparazzi replicated website Paparazzi provides each consultant a free website that is maintained by Paparazzi Corporate.  This website is ready for you almost immediately after you sign up.  You'll want to learn your way around the site, and likely customize it in a few places.  Your URL that you will share with everyone looks like mine here: The number there in bold print is my consultant ID number. This number is unique to each consultant, and provided by Paparazzi when you joined.  You will substitute your ID number in place of mine.

3.Join the team Facebook Groups made by your upline (those on your team who joined above you beginning with your sponsor).   Hopefully by now your sponsor has reached out to you.  Use this time to ask questions.  They will be able to tell you who has good information you can learn from.  Many of our Elite (top consultants) are great about doing instructional videos and challenges to help you learn.  You can also see what I call "your family tree" in your back office on your replicated website under the genealogy tab.

4.Set up Your Facebook Business Page Think of your business page as your as being the first stop for new and potential customers to learn about your business. This is also where you will do LIVE sales, if you choose to go that route!  There is a lot of discussion about which page to do your live shows from.  Some do them on their personal page, some from their business page, and some from their VIP page.  Some decide not to set up a business page or VIP group at all, or at least wait a bit later to decide.  It's all up to you!

Check out my Facebook Page here

5.Set Up Your VIP Group This is where your customers are really going to get to know you and your personality. Groups are a little more laid back than business pages and foster a community atmosphere. This is where you would do album sales.  I also post the new releases I have ordered in my VIP group before showing them on a live.

Join my VIP Group here

6. Set up PayPal or Square I currently use PayPal but have used Square in the past and they are both great! The fees are basically the same but I love how easy it is to ship from PayPal. Make sure to set it up as a business account and if you are planning on taking in-person payments, be sure to get the PayPal HERE card reader or the Square card reader.  PayPal also offers a free debit card for use with your account, so be sure and order it when you sign up for your account.

If you want to try out Square, you can get your first $1,000 with FREE processing by signing up HERE.

7. Complete Your Profile in Your Back Office If people are searching for a consultant, they are WAY more likely to connect with someone who has a photo and a story. Real Talk! So head over to your back office, complete your profile and get familiar with all your back office tools! Click on EVERYTHING. You won’t break it!  Again, here is my Paparazzi replicated site link:  Once you get logged in to your back office, you will likely want to change your URL to something others can remember more easily.  I changed mine to Both URL's will actually take you straight to my site.

 8. Order Business Cards Let me say it again. GET. BUSINESS. CARDS. And make sure they look PROFESSIONAL! Then, make SURE you carry them with you wherever you go!  If you are talking to someone about your business, if someone compliments your jewelry, don’t rely on their memory to bring them back to you. Give them a business card with your information so they can get in touch I use VistaPrint and they almost always have a promo deal for 500 cards for $9.99!

If you need help to design your cards, Etsy has tons of artists that can make a beautiful business card for you.  I use Natalie on Etsy for all my marketing items, The name of her Etsy shop is_______ She designs things like the business cards, post card size "How to Care for Your Jewelry" cards, posters, banners,etc.  Now these are the digital designs only, so you will still have to have them printed. You don't need all these things at the same time, but it looks more professional if all your marketing items match.  I've placed some images of mine in the supplies section.